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Project Management and Owner Representation

We offer project and /or sub-project management in investment projects in the chemical, pharmaceutical or related industries in Switzerland or abroad. As the owner's representative we can cover your needs for experts in process engineering.

Construction Management

The assignment in the construction management of a consortium or under a general contractor can be offered on all project sizes, specific as welding supervision (vSAP) or in laboratory construction management.

Welding technology

Trained personnel (welding engineers and welding specialists) are at your disposal for projects in welding technology, e.g. as temporary responsible welding supervisor (vSAP) or project-specific. We advise on how to optimize your welding documentation as well as the possibility to manage complex construction sites with the required qualifications.

Concept studies and process simulations

We coordinate the preparation of concept studies or specific process simulations according to given requirements and boundary conditions. In addition, we are able to perform process intensification studies of your existing production facilities.

Literature studies

You will receive an overview of the state of the art in science/industry of a specific topic through qualified literature studies.

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